Babu Menos

Musician. Writer. Humanist. Anti-Capitalist. Agnostic. Former Traveller.

Babu Menos is a musician, writer, humanist, anti-capitalist, agnostic, and former traveller. He composes, records, and produces indie-pop songs on his own in his home.

Babu Menos’ current logo, basically just bold text that reads, “Babu Menos. Musician. Writer. Humanist. Anti-Capitalist. Agnostic. Former Traveller.”


Welcome to Sir Less’ website.
This is a safe space.
A place of peace and quiet.
Fancy a cuppa? He’ll put the kettle on.

But wait, you might ask, why Sir Less?
Well, as explained in the lyrics of the song Babu Menos,

Menos is no name
It’s what they say in Spain
If things are getting way too much
Have less will keep you sane
Babu ain’t just a name
It’s what the Indians say
To greet a man respectfully
And show him your acclaim

In other words, babu is an Indian term to politely address men (and playfully call young boys), and menos means less in Spanish (and Portuguese, for that matter). Hence, Sir Less.

A Brief History.

Born to an Indian mother and a Swedish father, Babu Menos has lived in and travelled to various places all throughout Europe, also Asia, and Africa.

He has been drawn to music from an early age, started taking classical piano lessons at eight, later picking up guitar, electric bass, drums and percussion, trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, and quite a few other instruments autodidactically.

Over the years, his instrument collection has been constantly growing and now includes a Japanese shakuhachi, an Indian harmonium, a Pakistani bulbul tarang, a Thai sueng, Indonesian sulings, and German zithers, among many others.

From 2015 to 2018, Babu Menos worked on the album Make Me Do and two EPs, If Not Now, Then When? and Up And Away.

For personal reasons—which won’t be revealed here (as they are actually personal, for one, and Babu Menos strongly believes that art and artist should remain seperate things)—, he then took a break—which was prolonged even by a tiny virus (that needs to be taken very seriously still, by the way).

#SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #CovidKills #WearAProperMask

In early ’22, Babu Menos was generously granted a stipend from the German copyright collecting society GEMA out of government funds to help developing his project Sounds Like Home. He is still grateful for the support.

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Links to German-language sites.

Sounds Like Home

… is a collection of songs in which Babu Menos, as the Fedi.Directory describes it, embeds sounds from everyday objects found around the house mixed with conventional instruments. They continue with a bit of flattery: The songs are serious and high quality, despite the unusual method of performing them!

Thanks a lot, and that’s right; among the everyday objects are a ceramic washbasin, a bathtub, cupboard doors, large tin cans filled with rice and coffee beans, respectively, various small glass containers with tin lids, a wall-mounted clock, a matchbox shaker, and several others. The conventional instruments always include one or more acoustic guitar(s)—usually using one of several open tunings—, often five-string bass guitars (fretless acoustic or fretted electric), steel tongue drums, melodicas, mouth harps, and many more. Also, vocal tracks—sometimes literally dozens, all performed by Babu Menos, as well as all the instruments.

The project has spawned six singles so far; at the time of writing, Babu Menos is taking a break from putting out music, but here’s what’s been released to date:


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